About Us

We like to think of ourselves as THE experts on bath accessories. We've been perfecting sponges and other bath accessories for over 60 years, which means we know more than anyone should. With our history and line of innovative products, we have earned the title of America's #1 Bath Accessory Brand*. How did we receive this honor? It's simple, we know what you want.

We know what you want because our products were designed by people just like you. We live busy lives, but we understand the importance of the little things and have created convenient solutions just for you. We know you want fresh, exciting products, at the right price.

So don't forget about YOU. Pamper yourself, even if it's only for a few minutes in the shower. Make it count with Body Benefits!

Based on Nielsen – Personal Sponges – XAOC – 52 Weeks ending 07.05.14